Team Building

Whether your team is struggling to collaborate or you just want to learn more about how to work together more efficiently, Dynamic 365 offers a variety of different programs that have been proven effective worldwide.

Half or full day sessions are recommended

MBTI:  This team building is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  Learning each others style around how each person gets their energy, how information is processed, how decisions are made, and our orientation to the world through 4 scales, Introvert/Extrovert, Sensing/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling, or Judging/Perceiving. The dynamics give us insight about our personalities and how we work.  Learning to embrace each other’s differences and the best ways to communicate with each other creates the foundation for a high performing team.

Coaching and 360 Feedback:  Through one on one coaching sessions and what each person on a team believes will create strength in a confidential interview can bring positive changes to your environment that may be struggling to collaborate.  The data is collected from each team member and delivered in a team building session that is facilitated by a skilled professional at Dynamic 365.  Agreements are made and conflicts are addressed in this insightful session.

DiSC:  The DiSC Personal Profile System uses a four-style behavioral questionnaire to help people attain insight in understanding how behavior affects others and vice versa.  During this team building session, participants learn more effective ways to communicate, improve meeting skills, conflict resolution, time management and situational leadership.

Strengths Finder: This measurement can help team members be strategically placed in the areas in which they naturally succeed.  In conjunction with 360 feedback it can be used to create stronger teams, utilizing the talents of each member to the fullest and the most motivating for each individual.

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