Building strong relationships is what Dynamic 365 is all about. We build these relationships through some of the most talented facilitators in the world. Professionals who have various specialties that give D365 a well-rounded list of training options to satisfy all of your corporate human resources training and development needs.

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  1. Alison Matthey  |  Orange County, CA  |  Owner/Principal, Executive Coach, Facilitator

  2. Karen Fox |  Washington, DC  |  Leadership Development & Presentation Skills

  3. Jayne Gnadt  |  Denver, CO  |  Project Management & Leadership Development

  4. Christy Kercheville  |  Dallas, TX  |  Executive Coach, Leadership Development, Presentation Skills

  5. Megan Doubet  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Executive Coach, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Train-the-Trainer

  6. Joe Malta |  Orlando, FL  |  Executive Coach

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