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Thierry Van de Velde  |  Alcatel-Lucent

In my 19-year career in telecom, this was by far most helpful training I attended. As you know part of my job is delivering these complex technical presentations, where we are trying to demonstrate Alcatel-Lucent's differentiators. At the MWC we would only have 5 minutes per pitch so you taught us how to go to the essence and connect with the audience in the first minutes, summarize the message right away, use gesture, pose, practical proof points from everyday life. 

I'm very grateful for the training, but also as a person I could easily connect with. We meet so few broadly skilled, open-minded and internationally-oriented people. It would have been easy for you to give up on our limited language skills, to conclude that they wouldn't be able to pass the message in Barcelona. But you kept working with them, giving the right feedback, I saw that, you treated us as a team who would fail or succeed together. I remember an Alcatel-Lucent participant who was very shy during the training, later I saw her at MWC and she looked so confident, truly happy. 

Well done!!!”  (return to Summary)