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The Dynamic Leadership Approach for creating a strong leadership culture is not conventional in that we do not promote “event-based” training.

All too often money is spent to increase the skills of management by attending training courses for a few days which increases awareness but oftentimes fails because the skills are not reinforced back in the workplace. Our philosophy employs a steady-progress overtime system approach to leadership development which involves training plus coaching and involving all leaders at all levels in the process. This creates an environment of shared language, shared skills, and shared approach for the workforce.



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Alison Matthey is a talented trainer/coach with a unique combination of expertise in multiple training programs, flexibility, and results-oriented. I hired Alison to provide a 6-month Leadership Training Program for our managers. She was able to create a customized program that taught our teams the basics of management, revealed individual strengths and challenges, and ultimately started a dialogue within our organization, which has proven to improve relationships and results. I would recommend Alison for corporate training/coaching.
Sean Solomon - President, AD/S

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